Chef Brian Enyart is excited to introduce The Summer of Mole.
Beginning July 12th, for seven weeks of the summer, chef Brian and a few of Chicago's admired chefs will to pay homage to the seven styles of mole sauce traditional to the Oaxaca region of Mexico.


After years traveling through Mexico alongside Chef Bayless, Enyart’s immersion in authentic Mexican food culture first exposed him to the art of making mole, a dish with abundantly complex flavors and iterations. 

“We’re celebrating Chicago’s rich food community by connecting all these great culinary minds through this dish whose tradition I respect very much,” Chef Brian Enyart said. "That Daniel Espinoza is creating his own in honor of Mexico's Independence Day only strengthens that honor." 


Throughout the regions of of Mexico you can fine mole (pron. moh-lay), a sauce centered around a complex mixture traditionally containing a variety of chiles, fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices. Typically, each region in Mexico is most known for one distinct style of mole. However, the Oaxaca region is know for seven mole iterations: green, yellow, red, chichilo, coloradito, mancha manteles and black mole. Mole is often eaten in large groups and made for celebrations.


July 12:
Jason Vincent (GIANT) – Green Mole

With a bend toward deceptively chef-driven dishes, Chef Jason Vincent (Giant, Nightwood, Lula Cafe) works his creative minimalist magic with Green Mole. 


July 19:
Michael Simmons (Cafe Marie-Jeanne) – Mancha Manteles

Holding down Humboldt Park’s Café Marie-Jeanne, Chef Michael Simmons (Lula Café, Rootstock) introduces a refined French twist to the piña-sweetened chorizo dish Mancha Manteles. 


July 26:
Abe Conlon (Fat Rice) – Yellow Mole

Macau-obsessed Chef Abe Conlon (James Beard Foundation Awards Finalist) works his familiarity with turmeric to imbue his Yellow Mole dish with the surprising flavor explosion characteristic of Logan Square’s acclaimed Fat Rice. 


August 2:
 Joe Frillman (Daisies) – Coloradito

Daisies Chef Joe Frillman (Balena, Perennial Virant, Zagat’s 30 under 30) channels his skills honed creating quintessential Italian sauces into a rich Coloradito Mole. 


August 9:
Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski (Honey Butter Fried Chicken) – Chichilo

Honey Butter Fried Chicken’s Executive Chef/Partner duo Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski take their Southern-inspired comfort food a step further south to Mexico, trading the Crystal hot sauce in favor of chiles de arbol, anchos and guajillos. 


August 16:
  John Manion (El Che Bar, La Sirena Clandestina) – Red Mole

El Che Bar and La Sirena Clandestina Executive Chef/Partner John Manion brings forth his passion for South American Cuisine and open-flame cooking to Enyart’s ancho-based Red Mole, creating a mouth-watering marriage of Argentinian, Brazilian and Mexican spices.  


August 23:
Chris Pandel (Swift & Sons) Black Mole

Swift & Sons Executive Chef Chris Pandel (Balena, Swift & Sons, Cold Storage) employs a Black Mole of charred chile seeds, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and cumin to create a savory upscale dish worthy of his home restaurant’s opulent menu. 


September 16:
Daniel Espinoza (Anomar) – Logan Square Mole

Chicago native Chef Daniel Espinoza (Dinner Lab, Mexique, Zagat’s 30 Under 30) traces his heritage to honor Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16, creating a totally original Logan Square Mole symbolic of Chicago’s respectfully progressive contemporary Mexican cuisine.